4 Great Books That Have Impacted My LIfe Positively in 2016

 I am a lover of books but due to my numerous engagements this year,  I could not read as much books as  I would have loved to. I share a few great books that have impacted my life in 2016 below:

The Power Of  Habits by Charles Duhigg

Did you know that habits play a  vital role in the human's life? I bet you knew but reading this book will shape your perspective on habits.
We are what our habits are, this book suggests the proven techniques to generate new habits that can alter our lifestyle and our life on the long run.It's a must read book for everyone to have a better understanding of habits in relation to humanity.
  This is one of my best books,  I took out time to highlight the learning points:
  •    Brain has a way of converting repeated actions into a frequent rountine that forms habit.
  •    Brain can’t differentiate between good and bad habits
  •    Since we often don’t recognize these habit loops as they grow, we are blind to our ability to control them.
  •   The brain can be reprogrammed; you just have to be deliberate about it.
  •   To replace or change an old habit, you must replace it with an alternative routine.
  •   If you genuinely believe in people that they have what it takes to succeed, they will prove you right
  •   In order to sell a new habit, make it familiar and popular.
  •    Habits are subject to change

31 Days to Build a Better Blog by problogger

  As a new blogger who is passionate about developing  a great blog, I researched some materials on how to build a blog that has great content and solve my readers problems and  I stumbled on the this e-book.

This book gives insightful tips for new bloggers on how to boost their blog's presence.If you have big dreams for your blog but find it difficult to carry the plans out, this book is all you need to kick start your blog on the right foundation.
  The book has a daily 'to do' task and instructions on how to carry out these tasks to make you blog a success.
I also learnt new tips on how to increase my page views as a new blogger.

Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi- Adichie

 For some reasons i was a bit relunctant to read the book, atlas I found the right time to do so.The book is centred on the Biafran war that took place in Nigeria many years back.
The Biafran war is a major part of Nigerian history that is oftentimes overlooked.  I love the vivid narration of events.
 It is a great historical book that exposes culture, betrayal and marital issues. It's a must read for people that love culture, war and history.

Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize

Pregnancy and childbirth are moments in a every woman's life that holds everlasting memory.
This book gives vivid practical steps on how to channel our belief system towards having a smooth and sickness free pregnancy and delivery.Jackie shared her personal experience on how she scaled through miscarriage, but still had faith to have a supernatural child birth without normal labour pains and discomforts.

Supernatural Childbirth is a practical and realistic look at God's promises for conception, pregnancy and delivery.
 The book also contain amazing and inspiring testimonies from other women who had suffered miscarriage aand how faith pulled them through to the supernatural.

 ***** What are your favourites books?


  1. mine are:
    1. who moved my cheese- dr spencer johnson
    2. the 48 laws of power- robert greene.
    3. man's search for meaning- viktor frankyl
    4. the 4-hour work week- tim ferriss
    please permit me to add 1 more book...
    5. the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership- john maxwell

    1. great one anonymous 13;50.....please tellothers about your great books.