Lady allegedly beaten to death by her hubby on Christmas day

According to the Emmanuel Ugwuonye who shared the story on the Due Process Advocate Facebook group, the pregnant lady was allegedly brutally beaten by her partner on Christmas day until she bled to death. He wrote;
WHY IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP HAMMERING ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Many times I have tried to shift attention away from domestic violence. But there are reasons why I could not do that. First, it is one of the aims and objectives listed on DPA Constitution. Second, everyday there is a new domestic violence case begging for my attention. That is; everyday some wife-beater beats his woman, and even kills her like in this case.
We just can't stop and we need to press harder against domestic violence. A member just reminded me of another deadly domestic violence case that nearly escaped my attention. Tomorrow, we shall pursue the animal that killed this pregnant woman. I hope he is not one of these men attacking me on our wall.
Contrary to what the wife-beaters think, I'm not really in a rush to damble into domestic violence cases. These cases are crying for my attention and these murderous husbands can't stop killing their wives. They just like to come on Facebook to judge me for my divorce.

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