Lagos Crashes The Price of Rice with 'Lake Rice'

The introduction of Lake Rice in Lagos by Ambode is a laudable project. Since the introduction of the rice on 26th December 2016 across the state, it has been on high demand by Lagosians.

 According to Sanni Okanlawan,  S.A to Governor Ambode on Food Security, He explains that the rice has been on high demands and this has led to price slash on other rice. He further debunked the rumour of officials demanding tax clearance at the point of buying rice.

There were a few issues raised concerning the availabilty of the Lake Rice, and the stress involved before one can purchase the rice due to long queues at the selling points.

Mr. Okanlawan discloses that all the complaints has been resolved, he says buying the rice is easy now with the introduction of POS at the selling points, customers can easily buy Lake Rice without Stress.

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