Stop Hating on Me and My Kids, Toyin Lawani Rants

Parenting is not easy, people should just hush and let eevryone decides the best way to raise their children.

I Teach my kids Good Values,what Do you Teach yours???You see A swag picture and Rant About my kids,when yours are not Even capable of half of what they are capable of,can your 6year old Roll moimoi????i guess not,that's snc when she's been Doing it,

You can't even Beat @lilatmfashionista in science projects ,not to talk of @lordmaine2 s smartness in school,or church,so A child wear studs it means they will Growup a Gangster 😱hahaha I can't stop laughing Atimes with ds people's mentality,yo Mehn I'm the year 3000 parent,I'm not stuck in the old mentality,Im well exposed,i groom my kids to be the Greatest in all their various talents,I don't hold them Back,Look @Beyonce she started young,y'all kiss her a** now,Continue...

Did you even know my little Maine is a Pastor and he preaches for days,so cut that crap,put the fear of God in your kids and when they open their mouth kinds words flows out,Appearance don't matter it's what's in our hearts and Brain that's matters,I love tattoos oh does that mean I'm a bad parent😂😂,well think again it's just something I love don't mean you know me,If anyone comes After my kids Again for Having too much swag or me enriching their swaggg you going to get a whooping,we called the swag fam for a Reason, A loser said to @lordmaine2 how can you be a president instead of you to go and read book you are modeling ,well you are a loser and I'm sure your parents couldn't afford more than Okin Buiscuit for your Birthday that's why you hating,free my super Talented kids joor,you Are ranting when you ain't seen nothing yet,we ain't your Regular family,watch out for the SWAGFAM REALITY SHOW ON @ebonylifetv #TIANNAHSEMPIRE YOU GOING TO EAT YOUR ASS OUT,And when my son Becomes the president of Nigeria in the future,I will remember your faces and Names losers,cause I know you will still kiss his Ass ,you don't even know the kind of Drive I have as a mum to make my kids succeed,just watch it,learn to preach positive things into Your children's lives,not negative,if you want to limit your kids do so,Not me....Both of them are No1 in class so what's stopping them from swagging🤣😪#ATMFASHIONISTA

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