6 Tips To Help You Grow Long,Relaxed and Healthy Hair

Every one desire to have that shiny, healthy and breakage free hair.Its sometime difficult to make out time to care for our relaxed hair, this involve alot of efforts.Some spend tones of money to get weaves and other extensions and ignore taking proper care of their own hair. Weaves itself it's not bad but we must not neglect our hair.
      I have a full, silky and well nourished shoulder lengrelaxed hair, thanks to my family genes..we all have good hair. yes! we are blessed in 'hair department' and I love taking care of my hair.Now let me share with you these personal simple routine that has proved effective throughout these years

  • I relax my new growth every 12-16weeks..I said new growth because most nigerian hair stylists just smear your entire hair with relaxer, which is the number one culprit for damaged hair. Never allow relaxer to touch previously relaxed hair. Relaxer should be applied only to the new growth please stress this to your stylist never to put relaxer all over your hair.                                                          
  • Carefully choose your hair products, that it works for others does not necessarily mean it will work for you. I won't mention the brands but choose the ones are that are organic free and dye free. These ones contain less harmful ingredients that could damage your hair on the long run.                                                                                        
  • You will never catch me wearing very tiny braids or very tight ghana weave..I always wear protective hairstyles like medium size braids that is not too tightly done because when the hair is pulled so tight it affects the hair fossils and it puts lots of pressure on your hair strands and pulls it , which will eventually result in hair breakage.                                                                                                           
  • I do protein treatment once in 2 months; that is mixing egg with honey or hair mayonnaise. After mixing it to achieve a smooth texture, part your hair and apply it; starting from the scalp through the whole hair and cover with a shower cap, rinse hair thoroughly after about an hour. Then rinse it out. This process revamp nutrients back into the hair, due to our climate our hair gets dried up and looses its natural nutrients This helps your hair to get all the needed nutrients.
  • Make natural oil your best hair food; I use olive oil, castor oil, unrefined sheabutter (ori) and my home made coconut oil for my hair only...sorry i don’t apply tons of products on my hair and these natural oils work wonders on my hair.                                                                                                                                         
  • Lastly, always wash your hair once a week when not on any protective style and deep conditioned . Choose a good shampoo and leave in conditioner any time any day, even when wearing braids or other extensions, make sure you wash your hair atleast once in two weeks. 

These are my personal routine of how I care for my relaxed hair and it has proven effective. I hope you have learned a thing or two. Feel free to share your routine too, I may tap also from yours.


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