Wickedness! Man, 46 Kills Ex-wife, Son, Others On New Year Day

Sidnei Araujo (pictured left) tragically murdered his eight year old son Joao. Mr. Araujo had been involved in a bitter custody dispute with his ex-wife Isamara (pictured right) over their son.
The enraged dad shot 11 people dead, including his eight-year-old son and ex-wife in a New Year's Eve massacre.

46yrs old Sidnei Araujo burst into a family party in Campinas, a city near Sao Paulo in Brazil, and went on a killing spree armed with a handgun.

He killed eleven people including his ex-wife Isamara Filier, with whom he had been locked in a bitter custody battle, and their son Joao Victor before turning the gun on himself.

One man was shot in the leg but survived by pretending to be dead, his sister said.

A teenager who was also at the party told O Globo TV station: "At first, I thought it was nothing, then I realised I had heard gunshots. I hid in the bathroom. He tried to break the door, but couldn't."

Police found a 9mm pistol, a pocket knife and explosives on Araujo's body. The other victims, who were all adults, included Isamara's 33-year-old brother Rafael.

Liliane Ferreira, who was hosting the party, was also killed along with five of her relatives.

Her husband was wounded and remains in hospital.

Araujo left an audio message on his mobile phone apologising and blaming his ex-wife.

He was a government scientist at the National Center for Research in Energy and Materials and had studied at prestigious universities.

His close friends have been left shocked by his actions.

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