Fun Facts Friday is a just a fun way of sharing my personal stories, opinion and views on any issue at all.

This post will come up every Friday.It is not only about me, you too can share your experiences on what happened in the course of the week.

Too much intro..let's get it started already!
 For the past three months, I ttook a long break from the blog.I missed blogging and missed you greatly.See the reason for the break in transmission here.
If you live in Lagos, you must have heard about the Lekki flood, was more than what you saw in the news.I have a friend whose house was badly fact he was basically homeless. People still empty their trash into gutters and cause drainage blockage. It is that bad!
I tried making a fresh fish stew this week, I ended up not eating a spoon out of it. I don't eat fresh fish- Titus, catfish and anything in that category. I only wanted to try something new  but it didn't come out nice.I  will stick to my meat stew.
My best friend of 10 years sent me a very nice gift all the way from a foreign country.I feel like showing it off! kisses to my home girl. Xoxo
I heard the price of cooking gas is crashing,a 12.5kg of gas that was formerly sold for #4800 is now #3700.I don't know how true this is. My next refill is in a month time and I hope the price crashes to #3000 by then.
Please can someone recommend a good youtube video to tone my abbs a little?
I need to go have my lunch wishing you all a FANTASTIC Friday and a fabulous weekend.<3.

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